Governors Information

Welcome to the Governing Body page where you can find information organised as follows:

Statutory Information

This includes items that Governors are required by law to report to Parents and is updated annually

It includes: 

  1. Details of the School Governing Body & its meetings for this year.
  2. Term dates and session times.
  3. Educational performance including pupil absence rates
  4. Finances
  5. Additional Learning Needs, Sport and other school activities. 
  6. Action taken to develop or strengthen links with the community. 

Latest News 

This includes a Governor’s blog usually produced after each half termly meeting to update you on Governing Body matters, and any other news items.

And you can follow us on Facebook at:

Details of the School Governing Body & its meetings for this year.

            Mrs Tina Edwards                  (Community Governor) & Chair
            Mrs Gill Jones                        (Local Authority Governor) & Vice Chair
            Dr Helen McCarthy                 (Parent Governor)
            Mrs Mia Munnerley                  (Parent Governor)
            Mrs Claudine Moreton   (Parent Governor)
            Mrs Carole Route                 (Staff Governor)      
            Mrs Karen Hancock             (Teacher Governor)
            Mrs Melanie Sturt               (Head Teacher)
            Mrs Angela Hardwell                (Community Governor)
            Mrs Toni Mainwaring          (Community Governor)
            Mr Steve Lewis            (Local Authority Governor)
            Mr Sire Barlow                      (Clerk)

Contact us by email: [email protected] Our future meetings (6.30pm in school)

12th September 2022

21st November 2022

13th March 2023

26th June 2023

You are welcome to raise any issues with Governors at the start of our meetings

Term dates and session times.

These can be found on the Wrexham Borough Council website at:

Educational performance including pupil absence rates

The Welsh Government grades schools in terms of their performance, a self- evaluation of their performance, and the view of the Local Authority.  

We are at Level 2 (Yellow).This is the second highest of four categories and means that:

  • The school performs well
    • It’s ability to self-improve is good
    • It needs limited support from the Local Authority Education adviser  You can find out more about grading at the Welsh assembly website at:

You can learn about the School on the “My Local School (Wales) website at:

Key points on Performance in 2022/23

  • We currently have 57 children on roll 
  • Attendance at 94.4%
  • November 2022 Estyn Report to follow

Data comparing “cohorts” of children with those in other schools is no longer available. It will be replaced by data tracking each child’s progress against their anticipated abilities, but this is not yet available…


The Financial Year (FY) April 2018 to March 2019 was the third year of the first cycle of School Deficit reduction plan, and by the start of the year the school had made savings sufficient to reduce our deficit to £3,617, well below the £6,882 that was our target within the plan. However during the year the Council passed on additional un-forecasted costs in respect of staff pay rises, and we ended the year with a deficit of £19,894. 

With no uplift to cover these additional staff costs and a drop in pupil numbers in line with that in primary schools across Wrexham as a whole, leading to a consequent reduction in funding, the school began a second three year deficit reduction plan in April 2019 with an opening deficit of £90,797. 

This is no reflection on the School’s budget management, but rather the unresponsive nature of the Council’s funding formula Schools which placed the school in deficit every year since it changed in 2016.

The schools current projected deficit budget for 2022/23 is -£35,156. The current projected outturn balance for the school for 31st March 2022 is -£11,106.35

Additional Learning Needs, Sport, and other school activities.

Additional Learning Needs The school works with the Council Learning Support Service to operate an Additional Learning Needs (ALN) policy compliant with the Code of Practice. 

Mrs Karen Hancock is our Additional Learning Needs Coordinator (ALNCO) and works with all members of staff and parents concerned. 

Mrs Gill Jones is the Additional Learning Needs Governor.

Inclusion The school has Prevention of Bullying, Equal Opportunities and Disability Discrimination policies to ensure that all pupils and staff are treated favourably. 

Pupils are admitted to school in accordance with the Local Authority Admission Policy & in consultation with appropriate health and education support services. 

The School regularly reviews its provision for those who may be less than able bodied. Governors are prepared to consider any changes necessary to improve this provision and welcome suggestions 

School Prospectus  This is reviewed and updated annually. It is available on the school website or if you are a current or prospective parent or guardian you can collect a copy from the school office

Sport  As well as being part of our curriculum, sport plays an important part in our out of school activities.  Children participated in many sports; football, rugby, swimming, athletics, netball, cricket and tennis. 

The School participates in the recently reinstated Wrexham and District Annual Junior Sports Athletic Event at Queensway Stadium, Wrexham.

School clubs            The before and after school clubCool Cats’ thrives run by Mrs Julie Furber supported by Mrs Carole Route. 

The school also runs after school clubs. These reduce use of Cool Cats and the income that keeps it viable – so we don’t run too many.

Action taken to develop or strengthen links with the community

Each year there are a variety of educational visits & community activities including:

  • Harvest Festival Celebration
  • Christmas Concert, and Annual Christmas Service at St. Chad’s Church, Holt,
  • St. David’s Day Eisteddfod 
  • Welsh Jamboree for Year 1 & 2, 
  • Leavers’ Service
  • Residential visits – Year 5 to Glan Llyn near Bala, and Year 6 to Cardiff.  
  • KS2 pupils attending Darland High School for a range of Transition events