It’s Not Just Jam! 🍓

Bellis’ was to be the focus of a whole school project that we began back in January. The vital role they played during the war and their importance within the community was where the name of our project came from. We entered this project into the Welsh Heritage Schools Initiative (WHSI) annual competition, and relished every minute of it! The aim of the WHSI is to encourage young people ‘to take a greater interest in their Welsh Heritage ‘Cynefin’’. We developed skills across the whole of the curriculum and are very proud that Bellis’ is part of our community. We are very pleased to announce that we have been awarded a prize for all of our hard work and have been invited to an awards ceremony in Llanberis in July! We would like to take this opportunity to thank Bellis’ for supporting us with this, it has been an absolute pleasure liaising with them, visiting them and learning all about what they did. Three of our pupils have been selected to attend the awards ceremony, based upon their work throughout the project and their enthusiasm 🏆🍓. Bendigedig!