2014 – 2015 

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Dear Parents or Guardians,

Welcome to the Annual Report of the School Governors of Holt CP School for the school year September 2014 – July 2015. I hope that you enjoy reading it, and if you wish to discuss further any issues raised by it, invite you to contact us by any of the means described on page 1 above.

It seems nowadays that every year is a busy year and this one has been no exception. You can read some of the detail of the year later in the report but a few key points to highlight are:

  • We said good bye to one Head teacher (Mrs Goodwin) and welcomed another (Mrs Sturt). The school owes a considerable debt of gratitude to Mrs Goodwin and can look forward to going from strength to strength under Mrs Sturt. Read more on page 6

  • We completed renovation and takeover of the former Community Centre, which has improved facilities for the school and community groups alike. Read more on page 5  

  • We have seen improvement in Key Stage 2 attainment and our overall attainment rating improve from category three to category two. Foundation Phase attainment remains stuck  on 86.7% and will be a focus going forward as many other schools are improving around us. Read more on page 4

  • We have seen the school role continue to grow to 101 (with additional enquires for 2015/16). This is above the magic less than one hundred figure that defines a “small school”, a category often seen by Government as less able to achieve high standards and relatively expensive. Well no one can beat our Key Stage 2 performance and our cost per pupil is less than Wales & Wrexham averages. Read more on page 4

    If you want to keep in touch with issues affecting the school you can follow our blog on the school website at: or follow us on facebook at “Holt School Community”. Likewise please do take the opportunity to raise any issues with us either in person,  via facebook or email at

    Finally, as ever we remain grateful for the support of our whole school community – parents and carers, staff, the local community, and our children themselves, and welcome your continued contribution , where, when, and in whatever way you can. Thank you

    John Roberts,

    Chair of Governors


Chair of Governors 

Mr John Roberts ((Local Authority Governor) 


Clerk to the Governors

Mr Sire Barlow


Mrs Gill Jones (Local Authority Governor)

Mr Mark Roberts (Parent Governor)

Mr Stuart Cooper (Parent Governor)

Mrs Grace Lloyd (Parent Governor)

Mrs Carole Route (Staff Governor)

Mrs Karen Hancock (Teacher Governor)

Mrs Kate Goodwin (Head Teacher)

Mr Bob Campbell (Community Governor)

Mr Richard Haycox (Community Governor)

Mrs Sue Wheeldon (Community Governor) 

Future Governing Body Meetings

30th November 2015

18th January 2016

14th March 2016

9th May 2016

6th June 2016 

All are at 6.30pm in school  

Academic Year Dates 2015/16 – 2016/17


2015 – 2016

2016 – 2017

Term Opens

Mon 1st September 2015

Tues 1st September 2016

Half Term Close

Fri 24th October 2015

Fri 23rd October 2016

Half Term Open

Mon 3rd November 2015

Mon 2nd November 2016

Term Closes

Fri 19th December 2015

Fri 18th December 2016


2015 – 2016

2016 – 2017

Term Opens

Tues 6th January 2016

Mon 4th January 2017

Half Term Close

Fri 13th February 2016

Fri 12th February 2017

Half Term Open

Mon 23rd February 2016

Mon 22nd February 2017

Term Closes

Fri 27th March 2016

Fri 24th March 2016


2015 – 2016

2016 – 2017

Term Opens

Tues 14th April 2016

Tues 11th April 2017

May Day

Mon 4th May 2016

Mon 2nd May 2017

Half Term Close

Fri 22nd May 2016

Fri 27th May 2017

Half Term Open

Mon 1st June 2016

Mon 6th June 2017

Transition Day

Thurs 2nd July 2016

Thurs 30th June 2017

Term Closes

Fri 17th July 2016

Weds 20th July 2017



School Performance data for 2014/15 has just been published on the “My Local School” website at:

The data can get quite involved so let’s try to summarise some key points:

  • The school roll reached 101 an increase of one from the previous year. At 100 or more on roll the school ceases to be categorised as a  “small school” within Welsh Education. “Small schools” are generally seen as more expensive to run, less likely to achieve across the whole curriculum, and in inspection by Estyn. There is also growing pressure to “federate” small schools together under one head teacher and Governing Body where possible. So the significance of having 100 or more pupils on roll should not be understated.

  • The school has gone up from level 3 to level 2 in terms of the grading of its performance. This means that overall children are achieving higher standards of attainment than last year.

  • In the “Foundation Phase” (our younger children) 86.7% achieved Level 5 across all areas of learning. This percentage has not changed over the last few years whilst other schools have improved, and we are keen to see improvement in future years.

  • At Key Stage 2 (children who are towards the end of their educational journey in the school) 100% achieved each of the standards against which they are measured. This performance cannot be surpassed and for Key Stage 2 puts us amongst the top performing schools in Wales.

    Of course we are mindful (from when we were in the same position two years ago) that we are measuring small cohorts of children here, and that differences in the attainment of only one or two from one year to the next, can create a significant difference in the overall percentage score. For good reason, not every year group will be able to achieve this level of “attainment” and so it would be unrealistic to expect to repeat this achievement every year.

  • Attendance (at 95.9%) is slightly up from 95.4% last year, but again with the relatively small numbers of children involved such small percentage changes are almost meaningless. Attendance at the school has always been good and over recent years above that of other schools, and we are grateful to parents for their support here. As other schools are now catching up, we would ask for your continued support as we would wish to avoid being complacent.

  • Finally at £3,481, the cost of the school per pupil per year is below the Wrexham average of £3,537.



The school completed takeover of the Community Centre side of the building during the year. Although this required working around building work and renovation it has brought some significant benefits to the school:


  • Full access every day to a main hall complete with a new floor, redecorated walls and ceiling, new fire doors and audio visual equipment.

  • Provision of a brand new school kitchen adjacent to a new light and airy dining area in the main hall.

  • Creation of a new self-contained Community Room with en-suite toilets and kitchen area, and independent external access, allowing separate Community use during the day, whilst the school is in the main hall. After school an adjoining door can be opened to join the Community Room with the main hall for hiring by larger community groups.

  • Provision of a facility now in the heart of the school for the sole use of Holt Under Fives and Cool Cats, allowing a mix of before, during and after school provision for children of pre-school and school age as appropriate, provided from the same location.  

  • Additional potential classroom space should the school roll continue to grow.

    With the school taking on the additional running costs of the Community Centre without an equivalent increase in revenue budget, income generated from hire for community use is essential to offset these costs. We have deliberately kept hire charges as low as we can in order to be able to offer a genuine community facility, and so far levels of use are good and we appear on track to break even at the end of the financial year.

    You can see photographs of the improved facilities on our Facebook page “Holt School Community” 


    Holt Cool Cats continues to thrive managed ably by Mrs Julie Furber, supported by Mrs Zoe McWilliams, and Mrs Carole Route. During the year the club welcomed Holt Under Fives to share its accommodation, and provide a “wrap around” service for pre-school children. The clubs are working well together and their numbers are high. You can follow “Holt Under Fives” on Facebook. 


    The school have continued to meet parent’s requests and run a wide variety of clubs after school this year including: Football Club, Mad Science, and Craft Club. We do recognise however, that these clubs can reduce attendance at Cool Cats after school and with that the income that enables Cool Cats to operate. So we are careful not to run too many – mindful of our overall responsibility to maintain balance and sustainability within the whole “school economy”.


The end of this year saw the departure of Mrs Goodwin as Head teacher. She served the school well over her four years as Head teacher, overseeing a steady growth in school numbers, significant investment in the improvement of classrooms, and Information Technology, and expansion of the school estate to give the school a hall that it can call its own, and improved facilities for groups that support the school. All of this on top of a really good Estyn Inspection and her own personal achievement as Times Educational Supplement for Wales, Teacher of the Year 2014.

But probably more importantly, she was a great friend to parents, a real champion for our children, and just about everything that you want in a Head teacher.

Our new Headteacher is Mrs Melanie Sturt, who comes to the school with a strong reputation and some fresh ideas as to how to take the school forward. Governors’ feel that the school can look forward to continued good times under Mrs Sturt’s leadership.

Other staff changes in 2014/15 see a welcome to teacher Miss Hannah Jones within the Early Years team, and Mrs Monika Werner as a 1:1 Support Worker within the same department.


We are required by statute to advise you within this report that the school has a Child Protection Policy that is updated regularly, and can be viewed upon request in the School Office. If any parent, carer or other person has any concerns about any child they are encouraged to report them to any member of the teaching staff or Governing Body. Whilst we will do all that we can to protect the identity of the person raising the concern, our first responsibility is to the child and it will almost certainly be necessary to share those concerns with others in order to act. Fortunately there has been no need to use this policy for as long as anyone can remember.


The school works closely with the LEA Learning Support Service operating an effective Additional Learning Needs (ALN) policy compliant with the Code of Practice.  We have a Learning Support Teacher, Mrs Elizabeth Lewis who works closely with all members of staff and parents concerned.  Mrs Carole Route is the Governor with a curriculum link to ALN whilst Gill Jones is the Governor with responsibility for overall ALN Policy.

The school operates in accordance with its Prevention of Bullying, Equal Opportunities and Disability Discrimination policies to ensure that all pupils and staff are treated favourably.  Pupils are admitted to school in accordance with the Local Authority Admission Policy and in consultation with appropriate health and education support services.


The School regularly reviews provision for those who may be less than able bodied. The Governing Body is prepared to consider any changes necessary to improve this provision and welcomes suggestions. 


Our prospectus is reviewed and updated annually. It is available to prospective and current parents and guardians. Just ask at the school office.


Our school values the individuality of all our children. We are committed to giving all our children the opportunity to understand the diversity of our society and are part of the Wrexham Schools Equality Network established by Wrexham County Borough Council.

The network supports schools in meeting the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and advancing equality and community cohesion across the Borough.


School policies exist to cover all aspects of school life, and are designed to follow best practice where it exists. A rolling programme of updates by staff and review by the Governing Body forms part of our Governance Assurance and Risk Assessment.


A ‘School Improvement Plan’ is drawn up annually by the Head teacher and agreed with the Governing Body. The 2015/16 Plan was agreed at the Governing Body meeting on 30th November 2015, and reflects the desire for improvement in Foundation Phase outcomes and a refreshed approach to whole school behaviour.


The cost of running the school during the Financial Year April 2014 to March 2015 was £314,470, which at £6,960 more than the previous year reflects on going inflationary pressures, and some unforeseen costs around Additional Learning Needs but was £6,294 (1.96%) under budget. We are able to carry forward this underspend into the next financial year, which is vital given the pressure on Local Authority budgets. Our budget settlement for 2015/16 including this carry forward and reflecting additional running costs for the Community centre is £328,265, which includes £10,354 in projected income from hire. Whilst offset by income from hire it is sufficient to run the new larger school, but does represent a net reduction in the grant from the Local Authority, and it is clear that we are in for a number of years of tight finances


Wrexham County Borough Council allows Holt Community Primary School to keep a current bank account.  The school fund contains the money from the sale of school photographs, uniform etc. Funds stood at £25,354.37. This is an increase from last year’s (£20,402.16) and reflects sound preparation for the leaner times that we anticipate may be ahead. The fund was subjected to an external audit in the Autumn Term 2015.


As well as being part of our curriculum, sport plays an important part in our out of school activities.  The children of Holt School participated in many sports; football, rugby, swimming, athletics, netball, cricket and tennis. We are pleased to report that the annual Wrexham and District Junior Sports Athletic Event at Queensway Stadium, Wrexham, was reinstated this year and we hope that it will remain for many years to come in the annual sporting calendar for the pupils of Wrexham Primary Schools. 


The Friends of Holt School continue to run social events to bring the school community together and raise money for the school, and have been very active this year. Our thanks to their Chairperson Linzi Godwin and the whole committee. You can follow “Friends of Holt School” on Facebook.


During the year children have been busy with a number of community activities including:

  • Harvest Festival Celebration

  • Christmas Concert, and Annual Christmas Service at St. Chad’s Church, Holt,

  • St. David’s Day .Eisteddfod

  • Visit of P.C. Debbie Barker to work with Years 2,4,6

  • Welsh Jamboree for Year 1 & 2,

  • A music Workshop for the whole school

  • Year 4 had their annual visits to local businesses

  • Children invited to participate at Holt Castle excavation area

  • Visits to local businesses

  • Leavers’ Service


They have also enjoyed a range of educational visits including:

  • Year Six residential visits to Glan Llyn near Bala, and Cardiff.

  • Year 5 and 6 went to “Peace Day” at St. Christopher’s School, and lnternational Day at Darland School

  • School Council went to the Mayor’s Parlour.  

  • Yr 5/6 Children went to Eisteddfod Llangollen

  • Year 1 and 2 went to Chester Zoo

  • The whole School went to the Pantomime at The Stiwt in Rhos.

  • Foundation Phase visited the Blue Planet Aquarium

  • Yr. 5 and 6 attended ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ event.

  • Yr. 5 and 6 participated in the River Schools’ Project and visited Loggerheads and  Nant Mill

  • Yr. 5 and 6 participated in the Literacy Project in partnership with Wrexham Football Club

  • Yr. 5 and 6 participated in an Eco Workshop at W.C.B.C Recycling Centre

  • Deva Experience in Chester for Year 3 & 4

  • KS2 pupils attended Darland High School for a range of Transition events

  • Plus many more visitors and providers invited in to school to enrich the education for pupils

    Finally we would like to thank the following for their contribution to school life over the past year:

  • Holt Community Council who made a financial grant enabling purchase of materials and further improvements to the school

  • The Holt Endowed School Trust who made a financial grant enabling purchase of materials and further improvements to the school.

  • The Friends of Holt School for their continued social and financial contribution to the school.

  • The Town Trust who made a financial grant enabling purchase of materials and further improvements to the school.

  • Local businesses in Holt who have supported the school with generous gift donations.

  • All the parents and other members of our community who have been into school to help and who have given their time so freely.

    With of course a big thanks to all our school staff who work so hard to make school such an enjoyable experience for our children, and the children themselves whose enthusiasm sets an example for us all.