Internet Safety

North Wales Police Cyber Crime Team are advising parents to check which Apps and Games their children have installed on their devices and who they are communicating with. 


“We are seeing incidents each week where children in North Wales have been contacted via Apps and Games, accepted friend/message requests and freely engaging with people they don’t know and have never met”.


“It’s important parents know what Apps and Games their children are using, that privacy settings are in place, that the child knows how to use the App/Game safely and to feel comfortable to tell their parents about inappropriate communications”.


“Sadly, we are seeing instances of children being contacted and being requested to share images and videos and freely doing so.  When the incident is reported to Police and officers investigate the incident, its not uncommon to find that the parents had no idea of what Apps/Games the child was using and who they were talking with”.


The internet is a great resource of information and can be a fun and interactive learning environent.  Following some simple steps and talking about online safety can prevent the majority of these incidents occurring.


North Wales Police have a large selection of FREE privacy safety checklists and online parental control settings guidance documents available on their website.  “We would actively encourage parents and teaching staff to invest time and help safeguard children”.


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PC Debbie Barker

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